The Henry Wilson Museum at the Goodwin Library

The Henry Wilson Museum is operated by the Farmington Historical Society.  The museum is open during Meetings of the Historical Society, held on the first Friday of each month,  on Hay Day, and by special appointment.

Links of Interest

Henry Wilson Digital Museum
This site contains the online collection and archive information for items in the The Farmington NH Historical Society, Henry Wilson Museum, at the Goodwin Library. Some of the items in the museum collection belong to the Goodwin Library and are cataloged as such. 

Farmington News Digital Archive
The digital archive contains all issues of the Farmington News, of Farmington, New Hampshire. The newspaper was published every Friday by the Farmington News Company from March 14, 1879 through April 7, 1976. The circulation reported in 1898 was 1200. The paper was 17 inches X 24 inches in size.  The Digital Archive of the Farmington News was made possible to the Farmington Community by the Farmington Historical Society in 2014.

Digital Document Library
Many of the historical Documents, such as past issues of the Puddledock Press, Farmington Souvenir booklets, and other historical documents are available through the Farmington Historical Society's Scribd Library.

Puddledock Press
The Puddledock Press was established in 1979 as part of a grant for a Farmington Community Education Project, funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, a private grant foundation based in Flint, Michigan.  This first issue appeared in December, 1979.  The Puddledock Press currently is available in both digital and print formats.

Henry Wilson Museum on Museums USA
Museums USA is a searchable database of musuems everywhere.

Pictures of Interest

Cases in the Henry Wilson Museum hold a very eclectic assortment of artifacts and oddities.

The shoe industry is part of Farmington's rich heritage, and there are lots of shoe factory artifacts to see in the Henry Wilson Museum.
Paintings and other artwork hang in abundance.
There walls of the museum feature our varied artwork.
View an assortment of Farmington Postcards.

Features of Interest

This souvenir booklet was found in a flea market outside New Hampshire.  It was purchased by a local resident and donated to the Historical Society Museum.
Farmington NH Souvenir Booklet 1904

Goodwin Library and the Farmington Library Association
Act to Incorporate the Farmington Public Library Association - 1891

Farmington Public Library Agreement - 1895