June 8 2012: Special Presentation Celebrating Vice President Henry Wilson

" Vice President Henry Wilson - Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of His Birth"

Friday, June 8th 2012
7:00 pm
Goodwin Library
Farmington Woman's Club

presented by 
John Nolan
Editor, Rochester Times

John's presentation to the Historical Society was recorded and is available for viewing below.

Watch John Nolan's Presentation on You Tube.

Aside from being a Farmington Historical Society Member and the Editor of the Rochester Times, John Nolan is the President (and only member) of WOOOF, the organization dedicated to hurtling Wilson Out Of Obscurity Forthwith.  On this evening, John will present a program on Farmington's (once) famous son. Wilson, born Jeremiah Jones Colbath, in 1812, spend half of his early life in Farmington as an indentured servant, before hightailing it to Natick, Mass, to be a cobbler. He entered Massachusetts politics, became a U.S. Senator, had an affair with a southern spy before the Battle of Bull Run, and unwittingly blabbed secrets that almost led, ironically, to his own capture. After the Civil War, there followed an investment scandal, but Teflon Wilson became V.P. under President Ulysses S. Grant.  He died in office in 1875.

WOOOF President Nolan will present this musical, interactive, and historically accurate program in two acts.

Act 1 covers the life and times, trials and tribulations, triumphs and failures of Henry Wilson. The chorus numbers "Slavery in New Hampshire" and "The ballad of Henry and Wild Rose O'Neal" are featured in this act.

Act 2 recounts the struggle by WOOOF President Nolan and others to resurrect the name of Farmington's Favorite Son, Henry Wilson, and return it to its proper place of prominence, forthwith!  In doing so, he encounters Henry's reincarnation, spoofs NH Public Television, searches for a WOOOF V.P. of national stature, and more. Songs in this half include "The Henry Wilson Blues," "Poem, Poem on the Grange," "The Ghost of Henry Wilson" and the soaring finale, "Henry Wilson Has Two Names."

The meeting will be free to the public, but donations will be requested and accepted at this presentation to support the Historical Society Scholarship Fund.  The presentation will be held in the Farmington Woman's Club Room in the upper floor of the Goodwin Library.  Refreshments will be served.

Please bring your singing voice and save room for those refreshments.

Henry Wilson Presentation Poster 2012

Henry Wilson Presentation Program 8 June 2012


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