The Farmington Historical Society is an all volunteer organization.  Our mission is to furnish an opportunity for united thought and action in collecting, preserving, and publishing whatever may relate to the early and late history of the town of Farmington, to preserve such articles or relics of the early settlers of the country and such records of colonial and later ware and such other objects and records as may be of interest to the Society, and to provide such education as is deemed of interest to the community.  To purchase, sell, lease, or otherwise acquire or dispose of any property, whether real or personal and to fulfill any other objectives as may be set forth in the By-Laws of the Farmington Historical Society, Inc.

Your generous donations will help to support the Farmington Historical Society fulfill its mission and preserve and publish the history of the Town of Farmington. Our efforts include support for the Museum of Farmington History, both our physical location on the lower level of the Goodwin Library and our online museum.

Donate by Check
Send your donation by check, payable to Farmington Historical Society, to our Treasurer at the address below.

Donate by Credit Card
We're sorry.  At this time, we do not have a system in place to take donations by credit card.  We are working on this system and will announce when available.

Contact the Farmington Historical Society
Address:  Sharon Turner, Treasurer
                Farmington Historical Society
                31 Pleasant Street
                Farmington, NH 03835

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