03 July 2015

Central Street Comparisons-How Many Differences Can You See?

Once Farmington had a robust town center, Central Street has been one of the busiest, well known streets in town. The street and the surrounding areas have changed over the years. While we were sorting through our vast catalog of photos we came across these three photographs of the street, three times, just a few years apart. The views are from different angles. Some of the differences are striking, others more mundane. Click on the picture to enlarge it.  Study the pictures and leave a comment that answers these questions.
  • How many differences can you find?  
  • Which picture do you think was taken first?   
  • Which photo was taken next? 
  • Which picture was taken last?  
  • What clues did you use to order these photos?

A Peek at the Farmington Souvenir Ceramic Collection of Farmington Resident Norma Park-Part 1

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit longtime local resident Norma Park and take a look at the items she had chosen to collect over the years. Norma has many special and unusual items in her collection, as well as the ordinary, but I specifically visited her to see her collection of Farmington, New Hampshire souvenir ceramics. The were ceramic plates, dishes, etc. produced as souvenir trinkets for travelers coming through our town and were sold by several of our department stores in the last portion of the 19th century. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did. Thank you Norma for letting everyone have a chance to see them.

Do You Like NH Bridges? Take a Look at This Recent Donation

The Farmington Historical Society recently received a wonderful donation. We received a large, expansive photo collection of covered bridges in the United States. Each state is in separate collection book. Each bridge is photographed from the front side and generally from the opposing side of the body of water they traverse and identifying information is provided. We are deeply grateful for the donation and are honored to preserve this unique catalog for future generations. The following is an account of the person that created the collection.

Whittaker Covered Bridge Ossipee, NH

"Jerry H. Cate was born in 1938 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. He moved to Rochester in 1956 and then to Farmington on the Ten Rod Road, where he built his dream home: a log cabin.  He was a licensed electrician, working all over the different states from Maine to Massachusetts.  He was an avid fisherman and game hunter.  As he grew nearer to his retirement years, he put down his rifle for a camera.  He loved photographing the wild life and God's creation of brooks and lakes.  In 1998, he started traveling the United Stated, photographing the covered bridges.  Here are the results of his work.  Hope you enjoy viewing these as much as he did." Dot Hutchins (Jerry's sister)

Whittaker Covered Bridge Ossipee, NH