11 January 2015

Take a Selfie with Henry!

"February 16th  is Henry Wilson's 103rd Birthday"

The Farmington Historical Society is celebrating Henry Wilson's birthday with a fun contest and birthday party.  The Society invites you to get in on the fun.

Take a “Selfie” with Henry!

Take a selfie with a portrait, picture, statue, or namesake of Henry Wilson and post it on the Farmington Historical Society's Facebook page. You can be as crazy and creative as you like! Just take a picture of yourself with Henry Wilson and post it for everyone to see.

Historical Society PR Co-Chair, Stan with Vice President Henry Wilson

Then look at some of the other posted selfies and “like” your favorites. At Henry's Birthday Party, the selfie with the most likes will win a $10 gift certificate to Siobhan's Table, Farmington's new restaurant on Charles Street.  The Birthday party will be held on Saturday, February 14th, at noon in the Henry Wilson Museum.  The Museum will be open on February 14th from 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM, as part of our new museum hours of operation.  The Historical Society will open the Henry Wilson Museum for visitors on the second Saturday of each month, from 10:30 - 1:00 PM.

On February 14th, we will celebrate Henry Wilson's birthday in the Museum with a birthday party celebration. Come on down and have some cake! And join in on the fun by taking a selfie with Henry.

Henry Wilson 103rd Birthday Celebration
in the Henry Wilson Museum 
Goodwin Library lower level
February 14th
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Learn More

Farmington Historical Society on Facebook   www.facebook.com/FarmingtonNHHistory
Henry Wilson on Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Wilson

09 January 2015

Puddledock Press Editor JoAnn Doke Passes Baton To Stan Freeda

“I saw Stan’s work with the Farmington Woman’s Club brochure and the Farmington Historical Society’s website, and I asked him if he wanted the opportunity of a lifetime. I was thrilled when he said he would do it, and I will work with him for a couple of months. It will look different — and neater! I think he will do a good job, and I hope everyone supports him in the way they did me.” Joann Doke

Time Capsule Gives Glimpse Of Colonial Massachusetts

The  time capsule was placed in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts Statehouse when construction for the statehouse began in 1795. It was paced by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, among other notable Revolutionary era figures. Some artifacts were in great condition, others didn't fair so well with time. Items in the box included currency, newspapers, and tools. Items will be on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for a period of time, but eventually the items will be returned to the foundation.