1996 #FarmingtonNH #Police Department Color Card Set

I've added a Farmington NH Police Department card set with photos, name, job title, bio, and other information about each member of the local law enforcement entity in 1996. The cards also have safety tips. They are double sided, with a photo, name , and title on the front and bio, safety statement, sponsors, and attribution on the back of each card. 
They were brought to the public by the Farmington Womens Club. Other sponsors were Shop N' Save, Lilac Mall, Barron Brothers Development Inc, Taylor Rental, Farmington Ambulance Corp, Pierce Ford Sales & Service, CL Doke Heating Services, Davidson Textron Inc, Farmington Police Association, New England Cablevision, Farmington National Bank, and Cameron's Garden Center.

View all of the card set in the Museum of Farmington History here.

  Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington NH Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History

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