#FarmingtonNH 1929 National Bank Booklet Donation

A short, multi-page Farmington NH National Bank booklet for information and marketing purposes. The booklet starts with a drawing of the bank. Next, the booklet has a list of officers, directors, and cashiers. The following page offers an early history.

The early history reads:

EARLY HISTORY THE FARMINGTON NATIONAL BANK is the out growth of a State Bank which was organized some time previous to January 1, 1855, such records as are available not giving us the exact date. Over three-quarters of a century have elapsed since that time and volumes might be written on the changes which have taken place in the Town and also in methods of banking. We find that back in April and May of the year 1872, Citizens' Meetings were held to give consideration to the organizing of a National Bank. As a result of these meet- ings, G. W. Herring and Charles W. Thurston proceeded to Washington for the purpose of obtaining permission to organize, and this authority was given under date of May 15, 1872. Under date of June 3, 1872, Articles of Association were adopted, and a Board of nine Directors elected. The following men were elected to the Board: G. W. Herring, John H. Barker, Alonzo Nute, Charles Talpey,]. F. Cloutman,H. B. Edgerly, C. W. Thurston, Martin L. Hayes and Edwin Wallace. The Directors then chose the following officers: G.W. Herring, President, J. F. Cloutman, Vice-President, and Thomas F. Cooke, Cashier. The certificate of organization was sworn to before Daniel W. Edgerly, Notary Public, under date of July 19, 1872, and sent to Washington upon receipt of which a Charter was granted by Honorable John Jay Knox, Comp- troller of the Currency, under date of July 27, 1872.

The booklet continues with photos of of the old bank and the new bank buildings. It offers a short service statement and then outlines each department, for a total of six departments. the booklet concludes with full page photos of the bank president, vice president, cashier, and director.
We are very thankful to have this wonderful representation the add to the collection at the Museum of Farmington NH History.

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