New #History Hit: Brochure Schuller Museum Of #FarmingtonNH

Joachim & Lucie Schuller collected varied objects for the Museum Of Art & Chivalry, including a vast collection of European and Japanese arms and armor. They were obtained by Joachim & Lucie Schuller through private sales and auctions in the 1930s and 1940s. Their museum and the exhibits were often referred to as 'The Million Dollar Show.'

The artifacts and reproductions of the museum were shipped to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1973, where they became part of the Glenbow Museum's permanent collection. More detailed information about the museum and Joachim & Lucie Schuller can be found in item #158, the NH Profiles Magazine April 1952 article about About the Schuller Museum Farmington, NH. 

We were recently able to acquire one of the museum's brochures for the collection.

View the full brochure in the online Museum of Farmington NH History.

Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington NH Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History

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