Local #Video- #FarmingtonNH Remembers- September 11th- 2011 #Documentary Reflections

This was a digital video project created in 2011 to honor the memory of September 11th 2001 and provide local reflections of that day. 

Some people were willing to give accounts, some didn't want to, and some were shy and didn't want to be on camera. It was a project spearheaded by Stephanie Piro, Stan Freeda, and Kyle Leach. The intention was to collect the reflections you see in the video and add more later. 

The project was never officially green lit. It was originally intended to be a piece that the Goodwin Library could show, but it was never shown at the library, nor did a wider audience get the opportunity to see it. 

It now resides in the Museum of Farmington History. It and many other digital records now are part of the permanent digital archives of people, events, and the general history of Farmington NH that the museum collects.




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