School Street School Added To NH State Register Of Historic Places

The School Street School has been added to the NH State Register of Historic Places! We were able to aid the Farmington School District by researching and documenting the beginnings and life of the school building and how it changed over the decades.
The School Street School was constructed in 1859. It was a two room schoolhouse. It was mainly used for primary education through life, but was used for other grades sporadically, as means of overflow accommodation, toward the end of the building's use. It has not been used in almost two decades and is in need of significant repair.

Press from the NH State Register of Historic Places included the photo of the school, at the top of this  post; detail from that press for the school read:

School Street School

Farmington’s School Street School’s two-room layout makes it unique in New Hampshire. Built in 1859, its design includes characteristics described in “Schoolhouse Architecture,” an influential 1838 publication by Henry Barnard. Today, it is the only one of Farmington’s 19th-century schoolhouses still in its original location.


Mixed Farmington School District Documents 1859-1952

Mixed Farmington School District Documents 1891-1960

Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington NH Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History

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