#FarmingtonNH Historical Society At Valley View Resource Fair

Yesterday, Valley View had their 2019 Resource Fair! Lots of parents and students were at the school to see what community organizations were doing this year.

The Farmington Historical Society had a booth to help familiarize people with the Museum of Farmington History, the online museum, the Society, and general Farmington history. We also had information about the Stories of Farmington initiative.

The Stories of Farmington Initiative is an ongoing project of the Farmington Historical Society that attempts to capture our local history and
make it come alive through storytelling. The community knowledge building project seeks volunteer participants who currently or formerly lived in Farmington to share their favorite stories about Farmington, or about their lives in Farmington. The Society wants you to share your stories about past town events, family memories, friendships, favorite objects, or your favorite memories of life in Farmington past or present. All you have to do is fill out one of the easy to use Stories of Farmington Initiative questionnaires, which makes it easy to capture your story.

We were so happy to see interest in community organizations and hope for continuing success in this Valley View event!

Don't forget our meetings, speaker engagements, and programs are free and open to the public. We are meeting on the first Thursday of the month right now. It only costs $10 to join the Society.

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