Quick, Call The Doctor!

This month’s historical blast from the past to celebrate the forty year anniversary of the Puddledock Press pulls from an issue from July, 1999, when the Puddledock Press was celebrating twenty years of operation. 

The front feature covers two Farmington doctors many in town will remember. Each feature was a reprint from an earlier Farmington News article. 

Below is a reprint of the article text and a photo of each doctor included in the issue.

Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History

50 Years As Doctors Puddeldock Press July 1999

FEBRUARY 4, 1 949


Dr. George E. Quinn is to open offices in
the Young Block next week to begin
medical practice in Farmington, which is
of much interest to all persons in this

He will come here from the town of
Warner and has a most favorable
background based on (practice as well as
medical education and preparation.

He is a graduate of the University of
New Hampshire, where he was also an
outstanding athlete, having been captain
of several teams of sports. He graduated
in 1942 from the University of Rochester,
N.Y. after which he served an internship
at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital and was
associated with the fellowship of Dr.
Elliott Joslin of Boston-New England
Deaconess Hospital. He is the chief
medical officer of the combat division of
the NH National Guard.

During the war, Dr. Quinn served for
three years in the US Army Air Forces.
His wife is an ex-Army nurse.

JULY 1, 1 949


Dr. Robert E. Lord, who joined his
family in town the first of the month, will
start making house calls next Monday and
expects to have his office quarters in the
Young Block on Central Street completed
for occupancy the middle of the week.

Dr. Lord, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C.
Lord of this town, graduated from
Farmington High School and matriculated
at the University of New Hampshire
where he graduated and received his B.S.
He continued his education at the Long
Island College of Medicine, N.Y. He
served fifteen months post war internship
at the Maine General Hospital in Portland
after which he went to the Aberdeen
Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, Maryland,
where he was assigned chief of pediatrics
and was industrial surgeon for two years
immediately preceding his recent return
to Farmington.

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