#FarmingtonNH Historical Society News- Meeting Day & Dues Update

The Summer 2019 Notice went out to our members. It covers the larger decisions made by the membership at the meeting on June 7th.

First, there was no meeting in July. Second, the membership decided to change the meeting nights from the first Friday, to the first the Thursday of the month, in hopes of bringing new people into the organization. The next meeting is Thursday, August 1st, at 6pm, in the Museum of Farmington History, in the lower level of the Goodwin Library.

The membership decided to raise the dues from $5 to $10. The dues are paid each year, before or at the annual meeting of the society, in November. Dues are paid to the Secretary of the society.

Farmington Hay Day is August 22nd this year; the Museum of Farmington History will be open for the event, as we have done for several years now. We hope everyone will stop by to see us! See details of Hay Day here.
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