Digital Recording Recalls Farmington NH History

Recently, the Farmington Historical Society received an unusual, yet priceless gift from Tami LaRock, a longtime community member and currently the Director of the Goodwin Library. The gift is a digital copy of a video recording of a basic, general Farmington History, as told by Alan Drew, Margory Drew, Twink Osgood, and Joe Bean. The recording was created by John Nolan and features not only those residents talking about town history from their perspective, but also a class of Farmington High school students asking them a few questions.

As you might imagine video recordings or film footage are rare items in the museum. It’s really too bad that people don’t think of donating originals or digital copies of these media types. They are not only important because of their subjects, but much like photography they often contain hidden, less personal information. Clothing, hair styles, room decoration, vehicles, landscapes, and buildings are common in video and film footage and they can provide insights into the decades they are taken.

 It is with donations like this that the society is able to continue to build and diversify documentation for Farmington’s historical record and further develop understanding of our town and those who lived in it before us. We are extremely thankful for this gift from Tami and welcome the opportunity to protect visual and auditory historical time capsules.

Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington NH Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History


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  1. Dottie Bean donated a VHS copy of this was donated years ago. I found it in the historical cabinet at the Goodwin Library and decided it needed to be digitized. Thank-you Dottie!