Tonight Friday, March 6th 7PM- History and the Paranormal with Eric Perry

 "History and the Paranormal"
Eric Perry

Tonight Friday, March 6 at 7:00 PM in the Henry Wilson Museum at the Goodwin Library. Eric Perry is Assistant Director , Unit Production Manager , Production Manager ,Lead Investigator. Eric Brings 5 year of paranormal investigating . Eric is a father of 3 kids and was just recently Awarded IPAA ,International Paranormal Acknowledgement Award he is also a published author. Eric is a skeptic and believes everything can be explained.
Eric will be presenting about History and the Paranormal . He will be talking about history and how it helps us to understand the past, and how we can use that knowledge. He will also be talking about paranormal gear and how it helps paranormal investigators study and understand the spirit world.
There will be a business and planning meeting of the Historical Society after the presentation. This meeting is open and the public are encouraged to attend.

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