Francis Mooney Receives Mooney's Mill Memorabilia

Francis Mooney and Jim Horgan
Mooney’s Mill, which opened in Farmington in 1916, by Francis Mooney’s grandfather and thrived for many decades, turned out wooden handles. The factory rejects could be bought by the barrel for just 10 cents.  They were often used as kindling for fires. Dottie Bean, Farmington Historical Society Vice President, inherited a pile from her father and still burns them!  Jim Horgan, Historical Society President, recently presented Francis with a few keepsake handles made at the mill, on behalf of the membership. Francis Mooney, now age 97, is also a Farmington resident.

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The orginal photo and story, We Can Handle These,  appeared in the November 7 issue of the Rochester Times at
Photo Credit:  John Nolan, Rochester Times

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