Historical Society Considers Digitizing the Farmington News

The Farmington Historical Society is considering undertaking a project to digitize collection of Farmington News on microfilm.  The Farmington News was our local newspaper.  The Goodwin Library has the paper on microfilm from 1879 through 1976.  The digitization project would produce clean digital copies of the paper, which would be housed in an online database, searchable by the public.  Other New Hampshire libraries are taking on these projects, and the Farmington Historical Society wants to support the Library's efforts to increase our digital footprint and impact.  Having the history of Farmington, as revealed by its newspaper, would be a great asset to genealogy buffs,  history buffs, the history and social studies teachers and students in our Farmington Schools, as well as others  interested in history.

To get an idea of what this might look like, visit the library websites below and see their online newspaper and digital archive collections.

Learn More

Kelly Library in Salem, New Hampshire    www.salem.lib.nh.us
   Salem Observer, digital archives of the Kelley Library   http://kelley.advantage-preservation.com/

Nesmith Library in Windham, New Hampshire    www.nesmithlibrary.org
   Windham Independent, digital archives of the Nesmith Library   http://nesmith.advantage-preservation.com/

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