Souvenir Booklet donated to Historical Society

At our last meeting this past June, the Society was presented with a gift. A local historical society patron had found this souvenir booklet from 1904 in am antique shoppe and purchased it.

The booklet is over 100 years old and represents a unique view of our history. The booklet was intended as a souvenir booklet and highlights the features of Farmington, NH that our turn of the 20th Century Farmington leaders thought would be of interest to tourists visiting the town. It's a piece of contemporary history viewed over 100 years after it was printed. We hope you enjoy this souvenir of our town as much as we do.

Farmington NH Souvenir Booklet 1904

Farmington Hay Day
Our Hay Day Celebration is coming up this August 27 - 28. The museum will be open to the public during the Hay Day celebration. Come see the original booklet and all of our other town treasurers.

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