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 We still have some copies of the Farmington NH Images of America book for sale at the society. The book is 128 pages and was researched and assembled by Farmington Historical Society members. it was published June 1st 1997 and is a host of information and images of Farmington's past.

The back cover reads:

"Home to the world s largest bobsled nicknamed the Uncle Sam and the birthplace of scientists, artists, writers, and even a vice-president of the United States, Farmington has a history as fascinating as it is long. The efforts to create this amazing photographic
history began when members of the Farmington Historical Society agreed upon a unique way to commemorate the 1998 bicentennial of the town s
incorporation. By compiling this unparalleled collection
of over 200 images many never before published they
have achieved their goal of preserving the powerful past
of this New Hampshire community.
Beginning in the late 1700s as an agricultural village,
young Farmington encompassed a dozen small businesses
and had fifteen dwellings at its center. In subsequent
years it became a pioneer town in the development of
the shoe industry, with upwards of seventeen factories
employing over 2,000 people during peak years."

Buy the book a:

Buy it directly from the Farmington Historical Society when we are giving a presentation, having a program, during Hay Day, or make an appointment to stop by to pick up a copy. You can view a preview of the book below, made available by our publisher Arcadia publishing.

 Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington NH Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History


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