@PuddledockPress Anniversary Year-Remembering The #FarmingtonNH Historical Society In September 1997

Dottie Bean, center, Norma Park right
In the interest of aiding the celebration of the Puddledock’s anniversary year,  I’ve been

looking through the old issues of the Puddledock Press for previous decades and trying to find articles that either involve something the Historical Society was doing or a big event the society was announcing in earlier issues.

It's also Women's History Month and the women in this piece are a great part of our town's current history.

This article comes from the September 1997 issue and was an announcement of the release of the Farmington Historical Society pictorial “ Images of Farmington” book, still sold by the Farmington Historical Society

The article read as follows:

Farmington Pictorial Book Here At Last

The results of a project that began in 1995 are finally available for everyone's reading and
viewing enjoyment.

The idea was to compile a series .of historical photographs of notable Farmington people from
years past, homes, businesses and events and have them published in an affordable book.

With the bicentennial looming three years away, a trio of hard working and determined members
of the Farmington Historical Society began their efforts. Dottie Bean, Norma Park and Dorinda
Howard-began the task of first soliciting (begging) photos from everyone they knew as well as
printing requests in-the newspapers. The next job was sorting through the many that they received
and choosing those most exemplifying the nature and themes throughout the book.

Sounds easy enough, but in fact took immeasurable hours to choose, arrange and then develop
captions for the amount of text that was chosen. It was decided early on that the focus would be
on the pictures rather than having lengthy text..

Finally, after a series of delays on the part of the Gutenberg, sorry, Arcadia Primers, a partial
shipment arrived in the nick of time to be sold at Hay Day.

Early pre-ordered books were set aside and the rest were sold mostly at the Hay Day Booth with the rest being sold in the next few weeks. At press time, the next shipment has been promised to be delivered as this publication hits the stands.

The book can be ordered through the Goodwin Library and someone on the committee will let you know where the book can be picked, up and paid for.

Word around town is extremely positive and everyone is very appreciative of the quality of this wonderful publication and all the work that the committee did on the book.

Congratulations to Norma, Rindy and Dottie for a job well done!! We'll be looking for the

I can tell you from personal experience that working on pulling together anything for publication, researching information for it, and editing the work for such a project are a daunting undertaking. We are very fortunate to have this book and Norma, Dottie, and Dorinda deserve enormous credit for bringing the project from an idea to a wonderful visual representation for people to learn about Farmington.

This gem of a pictorial history of Farmington is available from the Farmington Historical Society for $16.99. Just contact us to get a copy for yourself.


Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History

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