Farmington Historical Society Aquires Puddledock Press Back Issues & More!

The Farmington Historical Society is very excited to announce that it has acquired all of the original past Puddledock Press issues! It has also been given all of the original  photographs for each Puddledock Press issue, assorted memorabilia related to the paper and town, and some documents from the Puddledock Press.

The Society will also hold rights for the name Puddledock Press, and  maintain the current Puddledock Press portal, and keep the current domain name active. Present and future forms of the Puddledock Press will continue as a publication of the Farmington Historical Society.

The Society will continue the project of digitizing past issues, until they are all available online for the general public. Currently, most past issues of the Puddledock Press have been digitized, with the exception of the middle years in the 2000's. The rest will be completed as we can. In addition, once all issues are digitized, the Society will have those issues incorporated into a searchable database, as was done with the Farmington News. Once completed, that archive will be available on the Puddledock Press website, as well as the Farmington Historical Society website for the public to conduct research on their own.

This vast donation is immeasurable in helping to preserve our local history and keep the stories of Farmington, and the memories of those who have called the town home, alive for generations to come!

Kyle Leach, Curator
Farmington NH Historical Society
Museum of Farmington History

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