The Site of Ricker's Cold Spring Garage on Spring Street Condemned

Ricker's Cold Spring Garage, Spring Street, Farmington, NH,  in its hay day!
With the establishment of an auto dealership, prosperity was said to have arrived in Farmington.  Ricker's Cold Spring Garage, a DeSoto - Plymouth dealership, on Spring Street was operated by John Ricker.

The former dealership, located at 85 and 87 Spring Street, apparently have been abandoned for nearly a decade of more.  Farmington Fire Chief, Richard Fowler, reported that the last known owner of the property had died. There hasn't been any activity at the site in many years.  When a local resident reported concern about the property, members of the Fire and Code Enforcement departments, as well as N.H. Department of Environmental Services, did a walk-through of the site. They determined that there was no cause for emergency, but the property will likely require costly cleanup because of the chemicals stored on site and stability issues of the building.
The rear of the structure has sustained several collapses over time and parts of the roof and floor have caved in.

It is unlikely the town will be financially responsible for the cleanup.  Farmington officials are trying to locate the current owner.  If a responsible party is not found, the Department of Environmental Services will look into available grants to aid in the clean up process.

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House and partially collapsed garage condemned
By Liz Markhlevskaya in Fosters Daily Democrat, July 27, 2013

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