December 7: Antique Appraisal with David Aubert

"Antique Appraisal Evening"
Friday, December 7nd
7:00 pm
Goodwin Library
Historical Society Museum

presented by 
David Aubert
Auctioneer and Antique Dealer

David Aubert, of Aubert Auctions, a local family business since the 1930's, will begin a two hour program of antique appraisal.  Dave Aubert brings over 30 years of that experience to your door. In 1974, Dave became the youngest auctioneer to be licensed in the State of New Hampshire. In the Fall of 1979, Dave began advertising Aubert Auctions and Antiques with local media offering home visits to purchase outright gold, silver and various other objects of value. His reputation speaks for itself with over 30 years of experience evaluating antiques, jewelry and coins in the Northeast and St. Petersburg, Florida area.
David will give verbal appraisals only.  Due to our two hour limitation, attendees wanting to have their items appraised will be asked to sign a card at the start of the event.  Cards will be drawn randomly from those submitted.  Participants are limited to two items in the interest of time.  David will continue to appraised items by random drawing until 9:00 PM.  We'll try to do as many as we can while respecting the time limitations.  We regret that we might not be able to appraise everyone's items.

Note:  The Farmington Historical Society will convene for it's regular monthly meeting at 6:30 PM.  The business meeting will end at 7:00 PM at which time, the antique appraisal will begin.

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