Donated Martha Safford Seascape Painting Restored to Original Beauty

The Martha Safford Seascape that was donated to the Historical Society Museum last November by resident and antique dealer, Dave Aubert, recently was cleaned and restored to its original beauty. The Historical Society funded the cleaning project and retained the services of Great Works Painting Restoration, Shapleigh, ME to complete it.
Restoration artist, Martha Cox displays the completely restored Safford Seascape.
The process involves the removal of the layers of dirt, soot, and other substances that collect on the paint surface over the years and dull the quality of the painting.  Varnishes and coatings from previous restorations discolor over time and are also removed. 

The left side of the painting has been cleaned, the right side is shown in its uncleaned condition.
A closer view of the before (right) and after (left) results of the cleaning process.
The painting now hangs proudly in the Farmington Historical Society Museum, located in the basement of the Goodwin Library.  The Museum is open on the first Friday of each month for the monthly meeting of the Historical Society, on Hay Day, and by special appointment. 

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